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Unrivaled Expertise at MB Research

MB Research Labs is your leading destination for efficient, cost-effective, and accurate corrosivity testing and skin safety solutions.

  • Our dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team meticulously reviews each testing phase, guaranteeing consistent and precise results.
  • At MB Research, we guarentee rigorous adherence to GLP guidelines for every assay.
  • Experience efficiency with our quick turnaround times, enabling you to make timely decisions for your product development.
  • Expidited start and reporting options available


Corrositex simulates the interaction of a substance with an artificial skin membrane. The membrane, equipped with a pH-sensitive dye, exhibits a color change in response to corrosive substances. The speed and intensity of this color change enable us to determine the corrosivity of the tested material with precision.

For more information about Corrositex methodology, email our knowledgable Client Services Team.

Why Chose Corrositex?


Budget-Conscious Toxicity Testing

Optimize resources with our cost-effective vegan-friendly corrosivity testing. No need for costly animal studies; ensure safety for U.N. Packing Groups 1, 2, and 3 substances.

Time-Saving Corrosivity Testing

Rapid results can be obtained in just a few hours with Corrositex at MB Research. Accelerate your product development process and make informed decisions swiftly.

Precise and Consistent Results

Trust in the accuracy of Corrositex; Ensure compliance with industry standards and confidently guide your product decisions. Adhere to OECD TG 435 and other regulatory guidelines.

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Delve deeper into MB Research's comprehensive range of skin corrosivity and regulatory services. Uncover the expertise and solutions that can elevate your product development and safety assessments.

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